• 2021 – A Year of Abundance

    2020 has been an extraordinary year of uncertainty, challenge and change for everyone. Since March Covid-19 has taken some of our loved ones and our livelihoods. We have been forced into isolation and a growing loneliness. We wonder when will things return to ‘normal’.

    Our daily lives have changed. We will not return to a pre-pandemic ‘normal’.

    Human creativity has no bounds. We can take on challenges, survive and thrive even in difficult circumstances. In short order amazing new ideas and technologies have emerged to defend against this invisible virus. We are now able to stay socially connected while physically distanced.

    The pandemic has jolted us from a deep slumber. Sudden tragic deaths of too many of our elders have highlighted the need for company and human touch. Many of us are awakening to new possibilities and opportunities to deepen our relationships with family and friends.

    I am humbled and inspired by simple text messages, short emails, and telephone calls from colleagues, friends, and family including acquaintances. Such expressions of kindness and generosity are heartwarming and priceless.

    Despite the dark clouds of Covid-19 life’s beauty is blossoming. People are dancing into relationships, babies are being born, and business start-ups are sprouting across the land.

    Brighter days are here. Nothing is lacking. There is abundance in the universe.

    The famous American poet Anne Sexton wrote:

    Then the well spoke to me.
    It said: Abundance is scooped from abundance.
    Yet abundance remains.

    Let us reach deep into the well of life! Happy 2021.

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